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Originally Posted by cameron110 View Post
Thanks for the heads up, I have a different part of the rt relay and fuse box that I cut up saved for the final install that has the relays surrounded on all 4 sides by plastic but given your experience it might be worth adding a little deflector plate on the steering damper mount to protect all the little shocky zappy bits on both sides. I am trying to build something durable for the long (and dirty) run.
I have found making things maintainable gives a lot of robustness. They just get cleaned every few years. Relay sockets are convenient for changing a relay, but difficult to clean. individual female spades are the opposite.

I have done some pretty bulletproof stuff---and then watched it fail. I seldom try anymore. I do use potted sealed relays.

I've also noticed that I end up changing enough stuff--every few years---that connects stay pretty new. Always some new feature to add and an old one to delete...

It can be worth leaving goodly service loops in your wiring---enough so you can snip off a connector and replace it, several times, without banjoing the wires tight or needing to replace/splice in more wire. Sometimes a new connector replaces a bad one. Other times you want to expand and putting two wires on one (female) connector is the simple and clean way. If you dress it well, you can have a couple of inches of spare everywhere and it still all looks clean and crisp.
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