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Two weeks ago when my husband and I were out where my son was camping (with his scout troop) it poured down rain the night before which turned the area into a muddy morass compounded by people arriving during the night in their cars leaving ruts hidden by the foot high grass. I got caught in one of them where the raised edges were drying out but otherwise very muddy. Down I went so I'm typing this with a Type 4 tibia plateau fracture at the top of my left fermer. So I'm on crutches in an immobilizing knee brace for a couple of months then get to start rehab to learn to walk all over again. This is my second injury riding dirt (messed up the ankle on the sam leg 4 years ago and reinjured it so it has a pin and screw in it now) .

I'm not going to quit riding but I am going to stay off dirt and especially mud from now on. This also put paid to my plans to ride the scooter cannonball from Alaska to New Orleans next May since a) I'm not sure if I'll be far enough out of rehab to be physically capable, and b) with only up to day 7 of the route published so far there are 2 dirt sections. One in Wyoming where I've ridden similar roads last year. Normally it wouldn't be much of a problem but in May the odds are really good it will wet with either mud or possibly snow so that puts me out of for 2014. Pity, I was looking forward to the challenge of Alaskan coast to gulf coast on a 250cc or less scooter. I was going to take the one my son rides to school everyday, an Aprilia Sports City which actually handles dirt and sand fairly well for a non dual sport.
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