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Well done.

Dear Jack and Valentino,

First, as usual, I was catch by your RR because of the trip itself. I'm from Brasil and, well, it's about going S.A. so I always enjoy to see the american adv rider's point of view about things here. And obvious, as with most of adventurers, it's a very good opportunity to see great pics.

I must confess I wasn't up to date in your RR, since time wasn't on my side the last couple of weeks. But, just right now, as I finished your post #49, I realized that I can't miss any of your updates.

You see, I'm a History teacher (with an unfinished business here as my own RR isn't complete - for lack of time and enthusiasm) and your post #49 touched me deeply. I have those two books as the most important reading back when I was a college student. You chose wisely. And you gonna see things way more understandable (am I say it correctly?) because of Galeano's book. Most people think our problems are from our recent history but, as you will see, they have their roots deep in our colonial past and to fix 500 years of trouble, well, it's not an easy task.

Thank you, so much, for taking us along. I'm looking for the next post and be sure that if you come all the way to Brasil I'll be grateful to help you and show you parts of my country.

Safe travels,

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