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Originally Posted by squawk77 View Post
That's great And he invited you all over to his place! I usually only learn what the motocops in new countries look like when they don't wave back to me. Montenegro is beautiful!
Actually I've only had positive encounters with cops on this trip,
I've been stopped in Czech Republic (not sure if I mentioned this?), but they only checked my papers,
asked where I was going and wished me well and then I had an encounter with another cop in Montenegro (more on that later).

Time to continue the RR:

From sea level we quickly rode to the skiing areas in northern Montenegro,
let me tell you it's cold up there

All in all Montenegro is just a huge up and down, in a positive sense, mountains, sea, more mountains, more sea

After a spectacular view over the river Tara and the Canyon it flows through,
close to Žabljak (no worries, pics will follow ) the guys I was riding with decided to cross the border into Bosnia
that day instead of waiting another day.

I then followed them to the border and went back to the Durmitor National Park, taking another route.

From the bridge over the Tara river I spotted a small camping place right down by the river
and found the path going down there a couple minutes later.

Before I could make my way down there, though,
a group of italian riders approached me, asking about my tiny blinkers (road legal, though ),
so I had to prove to them that they are actually visible

Once I arrived on the camping place I'd spotted 2 other bikes there,
one from Italy, one from Greece.

The greek couple (Maria and Konstantinos) welcomed me right away,
so I pitched my tent next to theirs.

They also had a small cuisine on the camping place,
so we sat down there to have some dinner after I'd pitched my tent.

As it turned out, it was Maria's birthday the next day,
so we ended up ordering the obligatory bottle of wine

The "not-at-all-false" smile picture

A couple more pictures of that sort were taken later that evening,
the italian couple later joined us for some more pictures

All in all it was quite an hilarious, great evening which also got me some tips for the next day.

By the way, Maria and Konstantinos originally planned on going to Croatia but have also been overwhelmed by
the beauty of Montenegro, so they spontaneously decided on just spending their whole vaction in Montenegro

Also Maria ended up paying for the whole meal, arguing it was her birthday,
well....shouldn't she have her meal paid for then
No chance to change her mind, though,
so I gotta say it once again:

Thanks a lot

Sadly they wanted to continue the opposite direction of where I wanted to go,
so it was time to part ways in the morning...oh well.
We exchanged emails, though

I continued through the fog shrouded Tara Valley:

A very cool scenery, even though it was cold and wet

Shortly after taking the panorama shot, it started to drizzle :(
No worries, just zip those pant legs closed and continue.

No way.
Not even a minute later it really started raining,
luckily there was a hotel a couple hundred yards further down the road (Hotel Ravnjak),
I didn't have any breakfast, yet, anyways.

Time to sit down, order some food,
drink a tea and wait the rain out.

Nothing left to wish for, a great view, a small cascade right behind the bungalow I sat in ,
the food was damn good, big portions and the small price made it awesome (2,50 € for a big smoked ham homemade bread sandwich and potatoes, peas and carrots on the side)

A small history lesson aka talk with the owner was included,
appearently the guest house had originally been a hunting lodge built for a politician,
before it had been converted to a hotel and bought by the current owner a couple years ago.
The current owner immigrated form the Netherlands by the way, great guy, if you ever come through there,
make sure to stop by there, well worth it

The cascade (is it cascade or cascades??):

The rain almost stopped after an hour, time to continue.

Another photo of this incredible area:

From Mojkovac I'd been heading towards Kolasin, stopping by the Biogradska Gora National Park,
which had been recommended to me the day before

The Nat'l Park is a big lake, surrounded by virgin forest with only a few paths passing through.
I ended up walking all the way around the lake through the forest.
I am not gonna comment this any further, here are some pics:

Through Kolasin I made my way back to the coast, riding through a small canyon

On the coast I went to a camping place,
promptly spotting three Italians which also just arrived there,
perfect, time for some bike talk

On this camping place they also had a small cuisine, eight down by the sea,
when big waves came in you felt it, it was THAT close to the sea

As no one could decide upon what to order we simply ordered a big mixed meat&vegetables plate

They'd just arrived in Montenegro, coming from Albania and making their way back to Italy
(they wanted to arrive back home the next day)

Aaaand another time my meal was paid for.
In exchange for it they simply wanted all the coins I had on me.
No problem
Reason is they always had a ton of (somewhat worthless) coins left after leaving a country and gave all of them to one of them. Basically they just wanted to see how many coins his wallet could hold.

So I gave them all the coins I had on me, not worth much and a couple different currencies.

Other than that: Many thanks for dinner and the beers

After they packed early in the morning and left

I went down to the beach and went for a swim, being almost the only one down by the beach.

I didn't really do much more that day, other than riding a bit further up the coast,
all the way around the bay by Kotor, booking into another camping place close to the croation border
and just enjoying the sun, lazy day

Stay tuned for more beautiful Montenegro
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