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Originally Posted by Ras Thurlo
1150 swingarm?

Originally Posted by Dmaster View Post
I'm curious .......
the paralever,.. also because you got experience with off-roading a jacking and a non jacking machine?
How/what is the difference if you compare the 100GS vs boxer of hammers vs Rooney R65?

Still no progress on my MX bike, but got some ideas on the ignition/alternator parts.
Isn't the Power dynamo a heavy thing? (looks heavy)
Questions why the paralever rear:

I think for several: a four lug hub in the rear. the three luggers are becoming rare, and technically I have a spare four lugger plus the one already on the PD.
the 1100 swingarm is the right length already without makng a longer swingarm, longer shaft, and new shock mounts. PLus the Rooney frame is built for it, so I dont believe there is any fitment issues, or wheel offset issues. Saves re-inventing that wheel
The 1150 shaft is basically bulletproof. Not the failure point in that system.

I can probably fit a 130-140 tire on the paralever. CAn barely get by with a 120 on the Boxer, even with the thin tube swingarm.

Between the three airheads I have raced, I would say I dont much care about the difference betewen the jacking and non-jacking. My PD is fine, just short of travel, and by far the heaviest of the three. The Rooney bike had gobs of travel, and jacked, and the BoH had limited travel and jacked. All in all, I find that to be a non-issue. I dont mind or prefer either one.

The powerdynamo iginition isnt very heavy at all.. the outer cup is the meatiest part- and it certainly must weigh less than the stock rotor/stator combo. Additionally, there is no bean can or points, and no diode board. Just those two small solid state components, and then the coil, which is a lot smaller than the stock coil. ALl in all, it has a much smaller profile, I think, than stock. I cant compare it to the EME or enduralast or anything, because I have never held one of those in my hand.

Questions around the dinner table revolved around what to do with the Boxer of Hammers, now that I've this new one in mind. DO I fix the rear mount and try to sell it? The engine is quite fresh, less than a thousand miles on it!
We have a '74 75/6 to make go away, and Ihave that R60 that I've now used the tank from, and the transmission theoretically I could stick the four speed back into either bike.. I would prefer to ditch the four speed though, and keep the five, and speaking of which i am going to need another five speed...

Hoo boy
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