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Originally Posted by Stagehand View Post
Ok- so I've had a chacne to look at this and read the thread- I HAVe seen this video before, and I recall thinking: that guy is good one a bike, but he's big enough to make it look kinda small. That means he's probably seven feet tall.

guys like me get lost and owned by bikes like this. SO we just hang on and pray, and let the torque get us through.
I call BULLSHIT....on this one. I know, I know....I've not really seen you race as I'm always behind you, but you got a big sack my friend. Dreaming about a small ride for Sandblast....but it ain't gonna happen. 41 year old chick racing a 460# bike is out of my trajectory I'm afriad. Anything I can do down here on my end, lemme know. You know I can stop drop and roll in a pile of airhead parts in mere hours. Machine shop, engine shop and blacksmith shop within reach. I still owe you a pair of "shit heads", just haven't gotten to them yet. I'm on it. I most certainly will enjoy watching you move forward racing any airhead. It's fucking rad! No I am not smoking dope, hung out with a 19 year old kid from China last few days. He seems to have affected me
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