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Gday All,

I tripped on this thread while researching those concrete arrows.

I travel around the US with an ultralight aircraft in a trailer, and am always looking for interesting sights.
See for my adventures in 2012. I think of my aircraft as a 'High-Clearance Trail Bike', and thus the user name....

I still have the aircraft and camper van stored in California, and on my next visit from Australia next year I want to find some of those arrows. The three between St. George and Hurricane are well known, but there must still be more, especially out Wyoming in that ranch country.... I was flying out of Hurricane in '12, and probably flew within 5 miles of the one at Quail Creek, but hadn't heard of them then. That route map doesn't look correct, cause it goes across northern Utah rather than through St George...... Any more information would be really appreciated......

I've done a bit of bike touring in the past. In 1963 I rode a 1958 Matchless 500 single around South Africa, Swaziland and Basutoland. That was a long-legged brute of a machine, but just great for those long roads in hot weather. In 1965-66 I rode a BMW R28 250cc from Oregon to the Panama canal and back to the Canadian border in NY state. Sounds a bit under-powered for these days, but was just right for the roads there in those days, lots of loose gravel, rocks and corrugations. Honda had just brought out the first of the 305 on/off road bikes. I nearly got one but glad I didn't. Met one about halfway down there, and the owner's kidneys were about pounded to pulp by the stiff ride, while my BM with the old-style sprung single-seat with a soft California saddle and the BM suspension, was just as smooth as a Caddy....

Just keep on goin' til you get there.....
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