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Originally Posted by LoJack View Post
I'm curious about the Rooney frames. I'd imagine there is a big difference in flex/stiffness over your PD or B'o'H? Is there a weight savings?

I'd love to see some pics of just the frame or engine in frame to see how it's mounted clearly.

I'm still planning on making a trail bike out of my /5 sometime. Been collecting parts and I'm about done working on the jig design for my swing arm project so I can make this:

Just need to find a shop to help machine the jig. I'm hoping to have the swing arm bolted on by spring.
I guess I imagine there to be at least the same stiffness, if not more. I imagine it to be about as rigid a section as you could get between the steering neck and swingarm. I cant speak for weight. I can only guess its close, or lighter. Paul wouldnt bother building something worse off than where he started.
Main plusses to me are the ability to put on whatever steering neck you like, ahead of time, if you can decide on a fork you want to use. I'm pretty sure Its not a striaght up BMW one.
Then there is the 1100 swingarm is a bolt-on. I dont know if it is with the BMW frame, but I dont believe there are offset issues with this one. HE didnt mention to me about offsetting the wheel, so I guess he using a paralever drum diff.
The air intake is Super high! I love it!
He did mention that engine access was really nice for working on.. although just now lookign at it it looks like the transmission might be a little hard to swap out.

I like your swingarm. WHat do you think the shock mounts will look like?
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