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A First Hare Scramble Blow by Blow

Update & Recap:

About to go into my 3rd season racing FTR Hare Scrambles. Yep, I'm still at it. Still in the C class (Super Senior). Starting to near the top of the class now, especially since some of the best in class have been moved up to B.

Haven't ever scored a trophy, best finish has been 6th so far.

The first season I got 6 or so races in with my Yamaha 250f. The first season was about survival only. I hit a tree head on in my very first race, shook me up good but I kept on going....never ride again without a leatt brace.

Second season started off with a bang after practicing in summer and trying to keep fit.
First race I was having so much fun actually RACING for the first more just surviving or finishing like the first year. I was realizing finally what it was really like to bang bars for position...and not let up due to fear of crashing or lack of skills.... I was having too much fun actually and learned a good lesson....I was having such a blast that I didn't want to stop even after a guy crashed me out at beginning of lap two, causing my radiator to steam..... I was having so much fun I kept riding wanting to finish the lap. I knew it was losing antifreeze...I smelled it...saw the steam... but since I really wanted to get scored for the lap cause I thought i was doing so well and wanted it written on the scoresheet...I kept going full bore. The motor didnt like my decision to try to go 8 miles without coolant. It stopped running 1 mile before the end of the lap. That 3/4 lap cost me alot of time, money and big big frustration

It was 3 months, 3 mechanics and $1200 to get it running again... By then I missed so many races. In January my overheat issues were finally solved, about 4 different things happened to the motor which made it complex to diagnose. Once it ran again it was like new. In the mean time I
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