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I've changed a few tires recently, removed Metzler Marathons and installed Spitfires on my R100/7, removed Pirelli Scorpions and installed TKC-80's on my F800GS, removed Anakee2's and installed TKC-80s on friends F800GS. Then I had to replace a punctured inner tube in the front of my F800GS.

I've been using cut up sections of plastic milk cartons for rim protectors and they work great, best part is that I can make wide ones and skinny ones, all sorts of different shapes, I keep 6-7 around and randomly misplace them while changing tires and it doesn't matter because I have a lot of them, They are really thin and seem to self lubricate a bit.

Having a friend to help makes changing tires a lot easier, especially when putting valve stems through the rim, this was always the worst part of changing tires for me. Having somebody to hold the tire open while I put the valve stem in place makes this easy.
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