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Originally Posted by mefadv View Post
I asked 6 people to go and only Wordsworth could make it. However it scares the crap out of me when I look back and no-one-is-there. As I usually know how far it is to medical or mechanical assistance.
I like to share my knowledge of the area but most of the time no extra responsibility of taking others along makes for a more peaceful adventure.
On Sunday I rode about 6 miles of single-trac alone and the 10 miles of double trac getting there was not much better. Usually do not do single trac any more (tooo long in the tooth), but pissed me off falling in that easy sand corner!

Pmail me with some info and I'll put you on the next ride list.
Ive been told and agree, best way to group ride is dont worry about the others. Make fully understood arangements for unintended seperation and go with it. "Ride your own ride".
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