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I like reports that make me think as much as entertain me and those that make me think AND dream are even better. Yours is better.

Development without that a contradiction in terms? It seems like a very complicated issue, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to understand it. Looking at history I am struck by how often it is the case that a society more technologically advanced tends to see less techno societies as "backward" or "uncivilized" or "savage." I think this judgement leads the higher tech society to see the lower tech society as "other." "Other" in the sense of "not our kind", "not one of us", "less evolved", or even "non-human." I think once this sense of "otherness" is established then the natural resources of the lower tech society are taken by the higher. In the best scenario the high tech society takes a paternalistic attitude toward the lower and helps them to some extent, while in the worst scenario the people of the lower tech society are systematically exterminated through various means. After reading many ride reports and doing a fair bit of traveling myself, it seems to me that one of the transformative aspects of a long ride such as yours is that by interacting with the people along the way they cease being "other". That they are "just like us" is no longer an abstract concept but visible, auditory reality. If only this could be applied on a societal basis!
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