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Originally Posted by KZJohn View Post
If your talking about the Summit, going down the east side is the easy part, you would be surprised how fast the cars/trucks go down that. It's the going up the west side that can be hard for the slower classes. That could be a real pain for the bikes in the dark too, there are some BIG rocks on the steep climb.
No it's not the Summit. This downhill is much more difficult than going down the east side of the Summit. There was quite a bit of buzz from the 4-wheel guys on Race-Dezert about how difficult this section will be for them because it is so tight, and so long. If a 4-wheeler breaks on parts of this section, there's simply no way to get around the disabled vehicle. The 4-wheelers will not be hauling ass down this section.

On this route, going up the west side is the easy part! It's the east side past the crest that's a bitch, and in the dark for the bikes it may be quite dangerous.
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