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Here's some pictures showing the real world performance of a pair of LR4 Quad Cree XM-L U2 flood lights at 1000 feet. Compared to similar quad Cree XML lights, the LR4 has less light scatter and close in glare, and more range. The reflector design throws a beam like that of a high end flood flashlight; tight beam in the middle for range, with a secondary flood beam for a wide field of view.

Bike was in turnout on right side of road on center stand. Camera was on tripod on the left side of road. 1st tree is at 750 feet, second tree is at 1000 feet. Bike GPS was reset at the farthest tree out and ridden back and turned around where we took the pictures:

Note: you can click on the pictures on drop box to zoom in to full size.

First shot is stock FJR (H4) low beams with +80 Halogens:

This is stock FJR (H4) highbeams, +80% halogens:

This is low beams plus 2 LR4 floods:

In other news, WynPro has designed let brackets for the Gen2 FJR, more info here:

LR4 installed on FJR with WynPro Brackets:

We are also working on developing a quality, low cost, rotary dimmer that can be used with our LED lights (and just about any other LED that does not have it's own built in dimming circuitry). We opted for the rotary design as it's simple, and does not require the use of a RF dongle that can be lost or have a dead battery. There will be a high beam over-ride on the dimmed setting. At first it will be available in a single 7 amp channel. Once we are happy with the results, we'll expand to a dual channel as well, with independent over-rides, to control multiple lights with there own settings (for example, you could set your left light to 0% with low beams, and your right to 20% - or control multiple sets of lights). We'll post up more details as they become available.

As always, coupon code ADV10 is good for 10% off for inmates :)
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