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Originally Posted by Beez View Post
I know that's the safest, most boring prediction but that's how it's going down.
I don't know if I'd call it boring. I remember once when I was out on the GS at a local scenic overlook that draws literally hundreds of bikes on a nice Sunday as they parade in either coming out of the city/long island/jersey or on the way home. a stunning view of the river and just close enough to be able to see the tall building of Manhattan fairly well with the naked eye. I was under a shade tree and over heard some female pirate commenting to her male counterpart that they'd done 150 miles that day with general tone that when it came to 2 wheels they were really not two people to be taken lightly. I'd already done several trips west on the GS (miss those..) and just bit my tongue. these days I'm in total awe of decent mini riders and even some of the 65cc riders. I suppose if someone gave me a new water cooled GS I wouldn't turn it down but if it went out west it would be in a van.

we need to keep reminding ourselves that RV and RD are riding at a level never seen before and that includes Ricky "I'n the greatest ever just ask me" Charmichael. Add to that the fact that just a split second behind them come in very unruly and no particular order Malcom and James Stewart, Reed, Milsapps, Barcia, Tomac, Canard, Roczen, and a split second behind them all the usual suspects etc etc etc. These guys are riding at levels that by definition are not possible, on a regular basis. Picking the most potent can of greased lightning to ever meet a can opener is not boring given all the particulars. What was the question?
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