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Originally Posted by yrunotriding View Post
Shit this is a thread of fricken cowboys. Who gives an F about trying to come to a democratic consensus! Lets fuggen keep the game rolling even if nobody else agrees!
I say yes we should move forward.
I was just trying to get a consensus by producing this poll to see where we should go from here.
Instead of this power play of what we should do when and where! We are all leaders in our own mind Boatman! It is really interesting that you assume the role of the sage on this thread. We all have a say in what should be done regarding the egg. Not just you!
I didn't read his post to mean he was the leader .......sounds like we all pretty much agree to move on for now and bring the egg back at a later date.......

I bet if we kid napped the nova gator ALI and make her our temp mascot for this game.......the egg would return quick.
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