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Oh yeah, the alignment. From the factory, it was towed out for stability. When you go to larger tires you can sometimes get a death wobble at certain speeds. Simply get the toe taken out so they just point forward, and you're golden.

On gears, I disagree with Jeffy. Wait till you decide the size you want and get a new R&P set to match the size. Setting the preload and backlash isn't that hard- just time consuming. When I did mine, I got lucky and got within spec on the first try, but I was pretty nuts about measuring prior.
If he's doing is own then I'd say go with new stuff. If he's not then it's probably going to get expensive, especially in a place where most people just don't bother. For 33's 4.10's would be fine and a lot cheaper since you can usually get stock axles for $2-300.
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