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Originally Posted by SteelWind View Post
Okay, so... ADV rules

  1. When an ADV rider says he'll be home in 15 minutes, he really means he'll be home in an hour excluding any events around missed turns, weather, bike problems, or whether he decides he'd rather ride to Alaska than ride home.
  2. Just around the corner, really means... in 20 miles you'll see a barn in another 15 miles you'll see a barn with a windmill... Make a right there... If you see a barn with a windmill and a gate you've gone too far.
  3. If you wheelstand for 5ft. that gives the right to say you went for 20 ft., but if you wheelstand for 10 ft. you can say 100 ft. (You see it grows exponentially)
  4. If your bike loses touch with the ground that's a jump and it must have been 3 ft.
  5. A stream is a river, a hill is a mountain, an incline is a vertical ridge
I can't think of any more... I guess JTwest really doesn't exaggerate...
Duh!!! Doesnt everybody know this?
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