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Originally Posted by mouthfulloflake View Post
this one is rusted/corroded in there, the torque spec is only 58 lbs on the headbolts, that one took well over 200 before snapping.

The biggest issue is that its stuck to the rocker assembly ABOVE the cylinder head.

I might have to cut the rocker assembly apart , just to get the head off, then ive got several inches of head bolt sticking up proud, that i can get a good purchase on.

But im destroying the rocker assembly to get there, assuming I can even do that without damaging the cylinder head.

Id buy a whole engine if i could find one.
Kroil, let it penetrate and if it will still start get it warm. If it won't find an alternate heat source. Kroil is the Shiznits in power plants. We can run a 2 year cycle and kroil will get most things loose.
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