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Originally Posted by Emmbeedee View Post
How does this work? The iPad will just come up and say it does not recognize the device. I went through this with my iPad I, and looked at reviews this morning which still said the same thing - Apple has crippled the port so that you can't just add sd card readers even though they do connect physically.
Most Wi-Fi Storage device's are basically a Wi-Fi FTP Site and broadcasts it's address. I transfer files between my iOS devices and Wi-Fi HD's all the time when I'm on the road. I had a Wi-Fi Card Reader that worked just fine with my iPhone 5 when it ran iOS6 but wasn't using it and gave it away since the size of the Wi-Fi Solid State Drive's increased.

I can't address issues with specific iPad or iOS versions. There's nothing that I've found that inhibits the transfer of data using WiFi. The right application and storage device helps.

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