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Cool2 Next winter is coming.

It was a nice summer,
and it ended even better - this here is the ending of it:
as pics say more than 1000 words - here are some thousands of it.

Anyhow - it was the last ride of the summer (autumn) and after that accidental offroad part - the bike was pretty beaten up. The front sprocket lost 2 teeth, the head of the engine was full of oil spillage and the exhaust leaking pretty bad. Also lost the heated grips function and broke the chain guard on the swingarm.

Since my bike had some other issues also - I purchased a new frame from geramany. It costs a lot. And yet it made a man very happy to get that one morgning "in post".
Now - this is before getting started with the work in garage.

Well - the new trellis frame came from germany and this needs replacing.
With that some parts witch coinside with it and then everything that needs servicing and relocating or replacing on whatever.
In a couple of hours me and my friend Munk -took it all apart.
And I mean all.
This is what was left - we are trying the new frame to the engine here -

Everything still needs cleaning and checking but the swingarm guard was torn and bent and needed changing.
Here is a pic old-vs-new

According to the ktm dealer it needs not to be replaced before it basically rips. Mine did, with a little help in the woods

And here is the old front sprocket.

The teeth are all tilted, two are broken and the whole sprocket is bent a little. So I counted the teeth. Literally - and many times. To my surprise there were only 16. So - hard decision now - what to get for the new one.
Well after countless checks on the gearcommander and online and checking my usual riding habits and miles and so - I went with the original 17 teeth and with the rubber softening on the sides. (ok - it was pretty cheap this time).
I will try this out in the springtime and if it does not work with me nor the bike, it will be replaced.
OH - if anyone still thinks maybe one could fit a 18 teeth sprocket there - nop. The original 17t has less than 1mm clearence to the swingarm.

Next job is to fix the leaking Djelcevich exhaust and stuff the silencer again.
Then I will probably tackle the "jerking head" of gps mount and make it the Rally style and weld some strengthening rods to it.

Until then...
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