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Meet my friend LEO

We've all had LEO show up at the wrong time. It happened again. We had a large group gathered at Graffiti Cliff and Picture Rock.

We had our bikes in various stages of blocking the public roadway. Some were relieving themselves in the woods,
others were burning rubber to get onto the rock for photos, and still others were plotting how the side car was
gonna get hoisted up there for a photo, too. When LEO came upon our party.

The young military type. We knew he was in charge when he swaggered out of the car. But officer, let me explain.
Yes, we are blocking the roadway, and no sir, we don't have a permit to gather...trespassing on state property? not us.
And Whatever they left in the woods is biodegradable, I assure you.

But, no... not really, that's not how it went down. The young police officer was very nice, and it got off to a good
start with our ambassador LooseNut himself making LEO feel welcome at our little gathering.

So no one had to be taken to the local pokie!

or did they????

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