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Back and forth

Back and forth

The next day, it should once again go back to John and Gael, as John had asked me if I wanted to see the movie "Dream Racer", about an Australian Guy taking part in the Dakar Rally. As the movie should only start in the evening I had time to explore the surroundings of my tent spot in Dellingup the whole first half of the day. According to a sign there should be a waterfall and a POW camp.


First a walk to the waterfalls. It took me longer than I expected but I was back at the campsite after approximately 3 hours.

After this I preferred to drive to the POW camp by my motorcycle.
I packed up all my stuff and off I went. After 4 minutes, I was already in the camp. Hmm - Somehow I could have done it the other way around.

Out of the forest I choose the longest possible detour along more or less well-developed gravel roads, good they are all located on my GPS maps.
In the evening the movie was really well done and entertaining. After the movie John and I went to have something to eat with a few of his friends.
If you ever have the chance to use a washing machine while you are travelling, you should do it. So when we came back this was what I did :)
The next morning I set off to go camping in the Yalgorup National Park.

I stayed there for three nights, although mosquitoes almost ate me.
On the first afternoon I got a text message from Gael telling me I had forgotten some of my washings - oh no! So my further planning for the next days was a third visit at John and Gaels house :)
I although visited the nearby Preston Beach and it was time for me to test the sea if it suitable for swimming.

Moreover, there was also a circular bird watch trail and since I was awake at 6 o’clock the second morning I wanted to give it a try before breakfast.
Reported way should be 6 km long and you should need 2 hours. Sounded unrealistic to me.
After 2 hours I had no finished the trail, so it dawned on me that I probably had a wrong turn somewhere. Of course I neither had a map nor my GPS with my and my cell phone battery was empty. So there was nothing left to go all the way back again. By 10 clock I was back at the campsite.

The next morning I decamped to go back and collect my laundry. I did a small detour to the "main attraction" of the national park - the living stones.

Arrived at Gael and John, I collected my laundry and asked them for advise on the best mosquito repellent. And then I went shopping. I bought the two most powerful versions of what they had recommended to me.

On my next campground the chemistry was sorely needed since there where Ross River Virus warnings signs everywhere - a disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes.
John told me about this virus just the same day. There is no cure and the progress of disease can last over 3 years in extreme cases even over 10 years.
Due to the new repellent, I did not get a single stitch.
After I crawled into my tent I heard steps around the tent all the time but it was the wallabies I had previously seen.

The next day led me to Bunbury the largest city in Western Australia outside the metropolitan region of Perth.

For the next day I had an invitation from the HUBB by Helgo to go to Busselton about 50km away from Bunbury.

He lives there with his wife Helga and they enjoy their retirement. On a little motorcycle ride Helgo showed me some nice routes and places that I would otherwise have certainly not seen.

The next morning I tried to clean the coarsest dirt off the motorcycle.

After that it I still had enough time for exploring the area of Busselton. Among other things, I was at Cape Naturalist, at Bunker Bay Beach and again at Meelup Beach wich Helgo had shown me the day before.

On Meelup Beach I was wondering why so many people were sitting there with binoculars until I noticed that you could see whales with the naked eye from the beach - great experience, I've never seen them before.
I the evening we had, like the day before, a great BBQ and I could listen to some exciting stories from Helga & Helgos travel past - among other things, they drove a VW bus in 70s from Germany to Australia.
I said goodbye to Helga the next morning and went off with Helgo to another motorcycle tour. We went to Augusta the most southwestern city of Australia. For our way back north we chose the Caves Road, one of the most beautifully roads of Australia I have seen so far. When we got to the Jewel Cave it was time for me to say goodbye to Helgo as well, because he had to go back home and I wanted visit the cave.

Along the Caves Road there are so many limestone caves, but I was told the Jewel Cave should be the most beautiful one. What’s for sure it is the biggest Cave in Western Australia.

For my night rest I found a really nice arrange campground in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.

The next day took me back further north one the Caves Road to the town of Dunsborough, I went there because next days attraction would be wrack diving.


The target was the HMAS Swan a 110-meter former ship of the Australian navy. After its exemption from military services the ship was sunken near Dunsborough as a diving spot. The dive was sensational. We went through the wrack on its full length.
There were so many fishes and corals it was amazing.
As a little add-on there even was whales that came as close as 5 meters to our diving boat. Even when we were in the water the whales came closely to us.

The next day brought the next attraction: Australians giant trees the Karris

Some of these trees have been modified to be used as lookouts to spot forest fires in the past. Now they can be climbed and I had to get up the highest one :)
You have to climb up on steal bars that are pushed into the wood around the tree. The gape between two bars is round about 30 cm and there is no safety so even I could fall through :)

I planed to spend some time at the nice beach of really quietly village of Peaceful Bay, but the weather had different plans it got rainy and cold.

Exploring Australia Ride Report

Where am I ? Exploring Australia
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