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Lingao is situated in the north-west of Hainan Island. It borders Chengmai County to the east and Danzhou to the south with the Qiongzhou Strait to the North.
Stopover at the famous Lingao monument out at the Lingao Cape, a large stone monument for the Hainan Island Campaign.
Landing Operation on Hainan Island, was a series of battles fought between the Kuomintang (Nationalists) (National Revolutionary Army, NRA) and the People's Liberation Army (PLA) during the Chinese Civil War in the post-World War II period, and resulted in a PLA victory.
More details and info here:

Lighthouse in the back at Lingao (Lamko Point)1893. Active; focal plane 21 m (69 ft); three white flashes followed by one longer white flash every 27 s. 21 m (69 ft) hexagonal pyramidal skeletal tower with lantern, gallery, and central cylinder.
Lighthouse painted with red and white horizontal bands.

Every Chinese I told before about my plans says, nobody goes to Lingao, not even Chinese, what for do you want to go there? Well liked the area as no real estate or industry developments and beautiful weather and scenery......
Seems they have never seen a foreigner on a motorcycle in the greater Lingao area.
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