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Todays topic - the muffler. (silencer, endpipe, endtopf...).

But first things first - To answer Your question "GrenDesb" - the frame is being changed, because mine was having some - hmmm - legal issues.
(basically was an insurance writeoff and i used my friends numberplate for the summer - now also I have no idea of the state of the old frame, as to how straight it might be or not.) Well, the new frame is in great shape and I believe if I can, then in april it will be rolling officcially under my name.
Second question - the tank is finished - I used the ktm tank connector for the lower part and it was very nice. Not using it - well - because the aluminium tank is too weak and got cracks in it the first time I tested it. Sadly - need some other solution and at the moment a 5l external tank (jerrycan) will probably have to be enough. Im running on a very tight budget this winter, so we can plan our trip to Russia and Georgia and be ready for any trouble with the bikes and stuff. Hope this explaines whats up.

Now todays topic - the bikes silencer was leaking. Making funny noises and needed proper cleaning and repacking.
It is a light SS pipe from Djelcevic UK and I really like their products for the cost that they are. This is here, what I started with:

Just a matter of drilling out the rivets with a 4mm drillbit and pulling the end off of the pipe. The packing was considerably "blown" on the ending side of the pipe. Just pull the insert out and check for any other problems.

After getting it all apart, it needed some proper cleaning from the tar stains and some gunk that probably comes from chain or dirt or whatever flies around under there.
Then after cleaning and inspecting stuff I decided to use the "stockings" from work, that I have - they are used to insulate heat of the adheater exhaust and made of long fibre.
Just pulled the "stocking" over the pipe snugly and pulled the ends back and tightened them up with metallic fasteners.

Then it was just a matter of taking the insulating wool or material to be used again and I have always used the method, that i repack the muffler so, that none of the material goes to the same spot it was before. Getting it all back into the shell was a mot.... PITA but with pressing the insulation material from both sides equally and yanking it down finally made it. Nice and snug.
The only mufflers where the material has been sewn together or through, have been Remus and Sebring. Never seen them fail early either. Just sayin.
New rivets, little bit of engine sealant (also called engine silicone - capable withstanding more than 350 celsius) to insulate the endcap and voila.
Thats it for today.
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