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Originally Posted by Lycan1 View Post
What is the "stretch" worth. You are talking about going to the R-model height I'm guessing. I have been thinking about doing that to and know what it costs for Super Plush to do it.
I mean "S" height actually. 265mm. I've also been eyeballing the new Ohlins setup at 277mm... :) It's $1500-2000 no matter which way you go.

Originally Posted by Shibby! View Post
Suspension is very rider opinion dependant.

Everybody likes something different. Often what some people think is firm/harsh works better for faster riders, where the soft suspension holds back faster riders, etc.

Pro Action did my dirt bike, and although I've adjusted it A LOT from where it was handed over, I have found a sweet spot where it's firm and responsive, yet absorbs what it should. It's reactive without being harsh, playful without being a worn out couch. I just have some fine tuning with shock preload as it likes to wheelie too much in hill climbs and out of corners when sitting.

On my XRR, I did the work myself but being that I use it for dual sporting mostly, it's set-up softer. It rails rock sections and river rock amazingly well, but it falls off with missing responsiveness and slower reactions. I wanted it to absorb washboard and potholes without losing fillings.

Everything has a purpose. I'd ask WHAT you want, and then see what the modifier provides, or willing to provide. What some say is great, others find issues.

What I do believe is lighter fluid is better. It changes viscosity less with temperature. Plenty of people wouldn't notice this. I feel it a lot on my dirt bike, but much, much less on my XRR, which runs 2.5w oil.

Look at viscosity charts and you'll see that thicker oil all tapers off much, much closer to the thinner oil's original and final ratings.
Yes, suspension IS very rider dependent, but I do know that Pro-Action specializes in MX setups where as most of us are looking for a more plush, dual-sporty ride that is less like riding two pogo sticks in the woods... lol! The valving Pro-Action uses is VERY restrictive compared to Super Plush or CGRT's. I'm just weighing in with my first hand knowledge of both suspensions and how they worked for my riding. I'm not Mark Coma, but I ain't no slouch and I certainly find the rev limiter when space allows it. The only real drawback I have seen to more plush is the inability to take big hits ie. 20 foot drops at 60mph. I don't take my bike to the track much and prefer the challenge of terrain I don't know and can't control.

Has the suspension worked for me and how I ride? Absolutely. Would I recommend Pro-Action? Yes, but not to someone looking for an enduro setup. If anyone wants to feel what a LOT of plush is like and weighs near what I weight (160-170 without gear) feel free to ride my bike when the roads are dry AFTER I get back from Baja in January, lol!

I disagree on your opinions on fluid though... In a straight shock/non valved system, yes, fluid weight is key to mastering bound, rebound and damping. In valved systems shimmed and sprung for a specific weight oil weight is pretty much set in stone. To vary parameters I would try 5ml more or less than the amount in the shock before I changed the weight of the oil.

Originally Posted by Beema Killa View Post
Just got a quote from Konflict in the states a couple of weeks ago to stretch to 300mm front and back. All in $1500. Gonna pull the trigger and ship it off while I'm on vacation overseas in February. He does a tonne of 950/990's for racers. Once it's set up, I'll get service done more locally, but I'm not sure there's a shop nearby with enough experience with the 990's suspension(especially one that actually gets used aggressively and off highway) to spend over a grand and HOPE it's how I want it. I know a few people in BC and the US who swear by him for their 950/990 suspensions.
Be careful about too much travel man. 300mm is a lot for those WP's. I've done a lot of research into that and without completely new tubes that are longer (not just the shafts) you won't have very much overlap on the bushing when it's at full stroke. That means that there's a chance the shock could buckle when taking a big hit from full extension. Ohlins is 277mm and I believe R is 245 and S is 265mm. Any of those is plenty unless you're planning to take it to Dakar and have $500k in sponsoring behind you, lol! My choices for the stretch would be CGRT or SuperPlush. I think I'm going to get Lee to do mine to "S" @ 265mm cause he's local, a very good dude, still actually races enduro and did a fantastic job on my 450's WP's.
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