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Originally Posted by WB-PDX View Post
It is probably sold by now (or possibly a scam - it has only one photo for what should have been a frequently photographed bike, and that one photo has no plate and no context for where in the world the bike is.)

I see $1000 worth of used-value parts just glancing at it.

But, CB750s are one of my favorite bikes, and there are tons of people who would agree. There aren't many old bikes that are better supported, nor that there are more parts available for. You can't really go wrong. People frequently cut them up for cafe bikes, or even choppers, so finding one that is unmolested is really rare. This one has obviously been molested so badly that it should be pressing charges.

This all said, the market sucks right now for finding 'deals' on SOHC CB750s or even just parts, which is why this seems far underpriced.

way to cheap and or a scam and if not, it's long gone. There are deals to be had on old CB's. more and more of them are coming out of the barn and getting sold at estate sales, craigslist, etc. See my add for the CB350 a few pages back. They are out there, but you have to be quick on the draw and know what to look for.
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