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Originally Posted by billgo77 View Post
Bones, I appreciate ya stepping in so I don't get bullied by a former disgruntled employee. I'm ok with it. He and I kinda got used to pointing out each others indiscretions, if fact "musically disgruntled" is a bit jealous because my pig of a streetbike outpaces his authentic dual sport DRZ on gravel. He"s right that I occasionally drive a bit over the non-posted 40 mph speed limit on back roads, but regarding the illegal drug use, I assure you I drove through the same wacky weed "plume" that he and several others did. It seemed a little odd, right there in the middle of town. Oh well, it's part of the Americana oddities that made up the whole weekend.

More pictures please!!!! This ride report out has been fun to read.
It wasn't me!!! I learned not to hide it in my exhaust pipe a long time ago! :p

edit: There were speed limits in this ride!? :eek:

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