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Originally Posted by Telkwa7 View Post
One route being considered is flying bikes to Beijing from SEA and riding to Mongolia. We understand a guide is required in China.
Well ~ motorbiking in China always involves a lot of Red Tape and the usual bureaucracy even for resident bikers (foreigner / local) like city wide bike bans, high costs of import motorcycles, high costs of registration / license plates in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing and China does not recognise international and overseas driving license.

Look up the RideAsia forum based out of Thailand as two bike groups have just done a trip into Mainland China kicking off from Chiang Mai (Thailand), they might have posted here on ADVrider or will do so in the future.
The guys at Rider's Corner Bar & Restaurant Chiang Mai might be able to point you in the right directions in case you attempt the way into China from Thailand onwards....

Would be very careful with anyone claiming to be a China travel agent / guide and get it all sorted with China bike entry / exit.
As the saying goes over here in the motherland: TIC = This Is China! Everything is possible - Nothing is easy! You want to play - you have to pay!

Apply common sense and be very aware with whom your dealing and transfer your $$$$'s and bikes to..... 'nuff said......

Hope you get in / out of China and enjoy your ride and stay.
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