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Oddometer: 1,161 interesting subject. Perhaps the food at that restaurant, even if it had cheeseburgers and fries on the menu, could be termed "authentic food of Guatemalan restaurants whose intention is to attract tourist diners?"

I was once invited to have a business dinner with one of our managers and a group of clients. We went to a local chinese restaurant. Everyone began looking over the menus, perhaps trying to decide between General Tso's Chicken or Kung Pao. Our host, my manager, who was a Chinese-American, told us to put our menus down. He then carried on a somewhat lengthy conversation in Chinese with our waiter. When they finished talking the waiter collected the menus and departed. One of the clients asked him, "Kenny, what was that all about?". "Those menus are for white people," Kenny answered. "Chinese people never order from those menus. I want you guys to have real Chinese food, not that stuff on the menu." Was the meal that followed authentic? Well, Kenny grew up in the family home in Shanghai, so I have to respect that his satisfaction with the dishes that were served must serve as authentication, at least at that time and place.

In Anti-Hero's first ride report "Coast to Coast with an Italian Supermodel" he touches on authenticity as well. If I recall correctly, at one point in his journey he attended a Science Fiction Fan gathering, where seeing people who were not superheroes and did not have the bodies of superheroes wearing superhero costumes led him to muse on the concept of authenticity, and ultimately, again, if I recall correctly, the challenge to be authentic to one's self.

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