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Originally Posted by TheMuffinMan View Post
I personally wouldn't buy a 800cc twin adventure bike. I'd much rather get a 690 and put a RR fairing, aftermarket seat, and gas tank on it to make it a 690 adventure. Lighter, and still plenty of power for interstate.

My old 650 v-strom had less power than a 690 (63hp vs 66), and weighed about 120 lbs more stock and handled long distances without an issue.

If KTM made a 690 Adventure I'd be the first in line. I also don't need gobs of power like some people do, not that that's a bad thing.
Yep. If you're really doing so much slab that the 690 engine is intolerable, the extra weight and size of the 990 or 1190 seem like a good fit for you.

If you're really looking to get down under 400lb so you can crush some major dirt, I'd think a 690 Adventure with dakar-style fairing, wider seat, and big tank would get the job done beautifully.

Here's another way to think about it. If you are willing to make the sacrifice of running real knobbies on your trip, I'd think the vibes of a single will be negligible. If you're not running an agressive knobby, but more of a 50/50 tire... sounds like a 990 is your bike!
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