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Originally Posted by Indian
Another advantage of the coventional system would be the number of small roadside workshops in remote parts of the world which would actually rewind the rotor or stator for you if needed.
Same applies to the Enduralast stator, Injun! Actually, that one would be a lot easier to rewind ...

I don't think there's a clear choice between the two systems: as I've said a squillion times, if I was leaving for Siberia the next day I'd probably install the Omega system because it has a longer track record. It's also plug-and-play, and anyone who understands the BMW charging system will find it easy to check out since it works the same way.

As it is, I won't be crossing Siberia any time soon, I do all my own bike work anyway, and I've installed the Enduralast system. It helps that I know a fair bit about electronics, and feel confident installing and troubleshooting this system. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is not comfortable soldering connectors, as shoddy installation could lead to rapid failure. However, a properly installed system is, in my opinion, unlikely to fail.

Someone mentioned cooling: yes, cooling airflow is critical to the regulator, and indeed to all semiconductors ... failure rate at 110C is about 35x failure rate at 55C. This is the main problem with the stock diode board location inside the front engine cases. I'm amazed the Omega system doesn't relocate the diodes somewhere more sensible.

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