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Iíve seen posts that point us to vendors of the DR650ís electrical connectors, but I ended up searching quite awhile once on the sites. So, I thought Iíd try to speed up the process in case anyone wants to quickly find materials to bypass their sidestand switch or connect to the extra black-white/brown, switched power connection by the headlight.

This page has the connector for the DR650 sidestand switch.

Itís called 2P090WP-MT-SPA and comes with the male/female connector pair, necessary terminals and seals. I used the smaller side of the connector pair (female connectors) to construct a jumper.

Works a charm!

This page has the connector for the available two-wire, switched black-white/brown pair in the wiring loom behind the headlight.

Itís called 2P110.

Here's a link to a photo of the above mentioned black-white/brown pair from earlier in this thread.

I HIGHLY recommend ordering extra terminals, but youíre likely a better crimper than I. Eastern Beaver requires a $20 minimum order, so you might as well pick up some extra parts. (As youíre putting together your order, shipping will be astronomical Ė I got up to $700 Ė but it drops back down to a reasonable rate once you exceed $20 in product.)
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