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Originally Posted by Bama67 View Post
I'll keep this short as I have to get caught up on the last season of Dexter, but I finally picked up my #150 Rapid Red FZ-09.

I haven't gotten to ride it much, just a hard 4 hours in the mountains of West Virgina, and Maryland, about 175 miles.

I love it. Power is fantastic, Std Mode is brutal, A mode is nice, just a little abrubt, and B mode is buttery smooth but does take away from the rowdy character. Exhaust has a nice howl.
Brakes are pretty good, suspension is a little soft, but worked fine for me. But then again I am not an expert rider either. But after the super taut suspension of my Griso, I didn't really mind it. It was never wallowly enough to get upset in hard cornering, but the pavement I was on was very nice.

Took it down one gravel road and it did fine, it rides more like a motard than a sport bike for sure.

I find the bike extremely comfortable. The seat is firm, but doesn't hurt my ass, and the straight up ergos feel refreshing. I have plenty of room on this small bike. I am a fit 185 lbs, and 5'11, and after 4 hours I felt fine and didn't notice any fatigue from the wind. But keep in mind I ride, and prefer, naked bikes. Although I would consider a flyscreen on this bike simply for cosmetic reasons.

I hadn't even seen one of these in person before I picked it up, and I feel it looks great in person, finishes are nice, and I love the little dash screen other than the LCD tach. There is alot of info available on the tiny thing. And of course the rear fender and hyooge scoolbus blinkers have to go.

My only real issue with the bike is the straight cut gear noise. 3rd gear is mildly annoying, and the other gears are slient. That is, til you get to 6th. That sonofabitch wails from 4000-5500 rpm. Right at cruising speed.
It is so loud, that I preferred to scream along in 5 th unless I was above the 5500ish rpm wail point
I thought it might be messed up until I found online others saying it is normal.

Even so, I love the bike and have earplugs so I can deal.

Bottom line is, I feel like bike was screaming bargain for the $7266 I paid for it OTD before tax, which is a whopping $180 here. So yeah, I am pleased.
Welcome to the club. I have over 1,200 miles on mine now and the gear whine has mostly quieted entirely. Although there is still a fair amount of whine in sixth, which I'm pretty sure is due to the unequal length intake runners.
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