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I rode both the R and standard models Yesterday at the demo in Phoenix.
I'm impressed.
It's the whole enchilada .

Of interest, these bikes were Euro spec. The throttle response was spot on.
One of the dealers at the demo had a U.S. spec machine.
Fitted with the SAS carbon canister junk.
He did mention that the U.S. spec tuning was less than optimal
and he had flashed the Euro map into his bike.
Hopefully we will not get the lean popping snatchy throttle bullshit that
came on the 990's

I'll pick one up if one of the local dealers give me a good trade in on my Multistrada.

That being said, my 990 is still the best true adventure bike out there and
I'll be keeping it for the "big" rides an using the 1190 in the U.S. and Europe.

The Phoenix dealers said they could deliver a bike in December.

Twist it, Max
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