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Wolfman Explorer Lite/Enduro Tankbags fitted on KTM 640 Adventure

I purchased a KTM 640 adventure last month, and I wanted a tankbag...researched around here for awhile and decided on the Wolfman Tankbags. The only problem was I had difficulty deciding which size I wanted...was it the Explorer Lite or the smaller Enduro. So I ordered both to get my hands on them and to try them out on the bike.... I'll send back the one I don't want.

The build quality of both tankbags is topnotch...nice materials, heavy duty zippers, foam stiffener material incorporated into the sides of the bags, little details like "D" rings on the lids and a clip in the interior...etc.

Here are some comparison pics. The larger Explorer Lite will be the top pic, with the Enduro underneath. In all the pics, both tankbags are sitting as far forward as they can go inorder to not hit the bars at full lock. The bags are just sitting on the bike...i.e. not strapped down...I didn't want to get the straps dirty knowing I'd be sending one of the bags back.

Both bags have a removable, velcro attached map pocket... I've never been very successful at putting maps into map pockets. The map pocket on the Enduro is really more of a written directions/photos of the loved ones pocket...which is fine by me...that's why God created the Garmin 276C.

The all important knee/leg clearance shots...I think either bag stacks up just fine to this criteria.

Here's the shots sitting.

Here's the shots standing.

Both bags fit the bike just fine IMHO. The one big difference in fit would be how far back onto the seat the bag sits...and therefore how much the bags limit you when you want to get as far forward as possible. The Enduro is a better choice if you want to still be able to get as far forward on the seat as the family jewels will allow.

The yellow tape in the pic is the most rearward position of the Enduro and the orange tape represents the Explorer Lite.

Here are some side by side pics to show the relative size of the tankbags.

Both bags have a nice zippered pocket on the underside of the lid.

Wolfman also sells a rain cover for both bags which has the same velcro as on the tankbags lid...this allows you to pull the map pocket off the bag and place it on the rain cover....nice detail.

The Explorer Lite has a zippered, expandable gusset. The Enduro doesn't have this feature.

So which one am I keeping....the smaller Enduro. The 640 feels like a mini bike compared to the big I'm trying to not pollute it's sveltness.

Here's the Enduro strapped down and ready to ride. The straps work/fit well.

Since I want the bag as far forward as possible, it covers the fuel cap. So gas stops are done by releasing the two fastex buckles on the left side and laying the bag over the right side of the tank. The Enduro Tankbag is small enough that you could choose to mount it farther rearward, allowing you to keep the fuel cap accessible without touching the tankbag.

So how much can you get into The Enduro Tankbag....I got all this stuff in there easily...the tape measure is the same size as my Canon Elph and took it's place in the pic.

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