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hi, been reading this topic completely
a treasure of information

considering buying one since I need a new bike for tax reasons

bought first KTM in 2004
950S 2003 with grey faring (50.000km) bought new
950S 2004 GO!!!!!!! was next (160.0000km) old despatch bike, second hand
640adventure R followed
950S 2004 GO!!!!!!! again, current bike (30.000km)

dealer proposed to take the 1190R for a ride while he fiddled my 950

my thoughts
*gravity at standstill is way higher, almost tipped it pushing it off the sidestand, I'm 1.92m so it wasn't short legs
*smooth like a 4 cilinder low down, raging bull above 7000rpm
*felt at home right away
*the misses too
*tried to make rear wheel break loose on purpose and had the ABS working on purpose... these systems work in a great way, not at all brutal like ABS from some years ago, pleasant surprise
*steering dampers works well, when charging out a cornerthe front wheel goes up a little and touches down whith no wobble at all
*doesn't dive under heavy braking
*had screen in lowest position and very pleased, clean wind, no buffetting
*when you go 2 gears down, no blocking back wheel, no dribbling... great stuff
*gearbox is even better than the 950's, smooth as silk, as is the clutch
*duo found grabrail well positioned and seat excellent

so I'm inclined to buy that very same bike as it's the dealer own and he changes every year
price is nice

but can I live without the vibrations of the 950?
won't I regret the roar from both Wings exhausts?
will the electrics and electronics be up to the gruelling task for years to come?

maybe, just maybe I'll hang on to the 950 a bit longer while getting used to the 1190R
maybe I'll get an SMR for doing the home-work commuting

but if I get the 1190R...
I'll probably go for the Wings exhaust as this one really sucks
I think they are very well built and quality wise better than Akras
GPS bracket which puts the GPS above the dash and since I have a full set of alu panniers of all sizes I'll go for the rack off course
and heated grips for I ride all year

I think the heat issue will be solved with the exhaust as it was on the 950 where it is the passenger melting with the original exhausts

I can' t help but comment some guy who thought the missus wasn't seated comfortably, the handlebars not in the right place, the filler cap annoyingly in the middle and the suspension rubbish cause it went all the way...
did he test the bike at all before buying?
about suspension, I weigh in at a (not so) healthy 120+ and tested the bike with my woman on the back... we had a couple of jumps but never anything bottomed out ... makes you wonder ...
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