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Re-upped. Loved every minute last year. Because of the feeds, this thread and Krop's site GP is huge fun.

Obviously this is Rossi's get faster or leave year. I don't think he can match the three in front of him - hope I'm wrong on that.

MM dodged a few bullets by crashing as much as he did and not getting any very serious injuries - I'm looking for that to change next year. Might open the door for Pedro.

I don't dislike Pedro but Puig just chaps my ass. If Dani dumped him I would be cheering for him as a hard luck underdog. As it stands I'm happy to see him 3rd just because I like to see Puig disappointed.

JL looked seriously determined at the test today, I'm really looking forward to the fireworks between him and Marq in '14.
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