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26. Exploring Toluca (Video)

Last week Jose and I hung out with our new friend Edgardo and did some maintenance on our bikes. We met him at a motorcycle shop a week or so earlier and after we got to talking for a bit he said if we had anything we needed to do, he had a shop we could work in. Meet Edgardo.

We all got some work done on the bikes, and it was really helpful having such a well equipped shop to do the work in. Beets working in a parking lot anyday.

Edgardo said we should go riding with him and his dad this weekend. They said there are some nice areas to explore if you like getting off road. Sounds great to me.

Saturday morning I met up with Edgardo and his dad, Riccardo. We were headed roughly North for a city called Toluco. It’s a growing metropolitan area and is also the capital city for the state of Mexico. This metropolitan part wasn’t the part we were interested in though.

Along the way we stopped for some tacos.

After getting through Toluca we turned into a pullout where we could start the dirt. The weather and scenery here is very similar to the pacific northwest, except we are at around 8500ft and technically in the tropics.

The riding was good and they showed me a bit of everything.

We had smooth wooded areas.

Wet and muddy areas.

Log crossings.

Wrong turns.

and plenty of spills. Well...just me. 14 if I’m being honest.

After the above tumble Riccardo said I’ve earned a beer. Plenty more happened after this though….so more beer for me right?

They showed me tight slick sections.


And fun undergrowth trails.

Every now and then they let me rest.

The terrain varied widely as we road through various areas. They both knew the region well and road here often. Everything was new to me and every turn brought something exciting. There were many different tracks and routes to turn onto, and sometimes no tracks at all. Then you could simply just go wherever you wanted to. Here we found a playground of rolling hills, mud, and water crossings.

Sometimes it got pretty deep, but none of the bikes got flooded. This pic was near the edge of a crossing so deep but not too deep to stop.

This crossing got a water level right up onto the tank, you can see the water grass stuck onto the pannier racks. Good fun.

I say “water crossing” like it was something that we needed to cross. We didn’t need to cross anything, it was just fun to.

It was a beautiful place to play for the day, with endless amounts of land, forest, and trails to ride.

Here’s a video I put together for the day. Thanks for running me through the ringer guys, I had a blast.

After we left Toluca we headed to a small tourist town for some afternoon grub before heading back to DF. The town explodes on weekends and is a very popular place for people to come to when they want to get out of the city. Today it was slammed with bikers for some reason. Mostly harleys and cruisers. We fit right in with all of our mud.

We parked our bikes out of the main line-up to not embarrass all the chrome.

We walked around for a bit, grabbed some food and shot the shit about the good riding we had sampled throughout the day. I had a blast today, and it was great fun riding with Edgardo and Riccardo. They showed me a dualsport wonderland and gave me a taste for what the area has to offer. They said it only gets better though, as there’s lots more to ride around here. By the end of the day I was beat but all I wanted was more. They said the riding today was a 3-4 out of 10 in terms of difficulty and of what’s available. I got dumped and spun-off the bike all day long like a baby on a bicycle (I counted 14 times I had to pick the bike up), and there’s harder and better riding to be had...shit yeah! I could definitely learn a lot from riding with these guys, I didn’t see them go down once all day.

I’ve caught myself several times now reclassifying the “best day of riding” that I’ve had so far. I’m going to hold my tongue on this one, as I think I’m going to have to just accept that there’s lots of good riding to be had down here.

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