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Originally Posted by disston View Post
I see this on Ebay constantly. A /5 tank, obviously because it has screw on emblems, and the seller advertises it as suitable for a /6.

Then somebody posts here the other day that the screw on emblems were carried over into the first /6 tanks.

I have never seen such a tank. I have in my possession a tank that came off a /5 with stick on emblems. This tank will not fit a /6 because the under tank space is not big enough for the Master Cylinder.

I have heard that a screw on emblem tank exists that will fit a /6...Please post a picture of the under side of this tank. I don't think there is such a thing.

My experience is that screw on emblems means it's a /5 tank. Stick on emblems means it is a /6 tank. There are a few /5 tanks with stick on emblems.
My /7 tank has screw on emblems. So?

I had a toaster on my SWB /5. Later I changed to the large touring tank. later still I fitted a 90/6 front end. I don't recall getting another tank--or the seat the /6 tank would have required. But it was long ago and I may have forgotten.

I do know I had screw on emblems on tanks that didn't originally come with them because I have some extras of the special screws in my parts stash. But I've only had two airheads and I don't think I put screw on badges on the K. So I dunno.

I wanna see a pic of the underside too. (and such a pic might help sell it BTW)
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