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tuckers to tdf

James will comment on the bike set up now we have ridden a full day.

I am so glad I talked to Pro-Cycle and he had me get the 8.3 rear spring for each bike and the .55 single rate fronts. My Dr. Black rides like a new Cadillac on the freeway. It is SO stable and the suspension REALLY works with all my crap piled on. I have factory mid way pre-load and factory lowering option. The bike just glides, it's amazing.

16/42 is rather long in the gearing for anything but freeway blasting. In the city you have to select first gear for most any corner. If you get behind a slow vehicle on the slab and then want to accelerate you 'almost' want to shift down under 60mph. I say almost, because I didn't shift down but rolled on real slow. After tomorrow in Mexico, even on the Toll Roads I think I will put 15/42.

The packing is working good so far. Happy Trails panniers, Touratech top box and Texport dry bag. It's neat and tidy and easy to use.

We have Autocom bike to bike and never said one word to each other all day!

Really need a throttle lock. (Cruise control)

Suzuki OEM speedo is 5mph high from 65 to 85 for sure.

Ipod is nice on the freeway, but I feel it's too intrusive, Colleen can't LIVE without hers.

I didn't check the gas mileage, but we did go 230 before getting gas (Acerbis) and there was lots left in both sides. We've decided to keep both taps on reserve and use sight/odo to monitor fuel level.

Just had some juice and a bagel from the top box for lunch so no $
Bed and dinner hosted by our friends in Goodyear.
Just gas money.

Tuesday we go through Tombstone and Bisbee to Douglas and cross the border in to Mexico We will get our TVIP's in Agua Prieta I suppose.

Our plan is to scoot right down the middle and skirt Mexico City.

Thanks everyone for all your well wishes, it means a lot, it really does.
James and Colleen Tucker.
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