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The 1190 ADV finally arrived here in northern Colorado last Thursday. I rode it this last Saturday. I'm 6'1 and have a 2013 990 ADV that I bought August of this year. I bought the 990 because I had some great riding left to do, KTM had no commitment to 1190R demo's or deliveries and I have read so much about the 990 that my decision was easy.

I made an expensive decision back in August!

The dealer walked me through the electronics of the 1190 and off I went.
150hp, Continental Trail Attacks, beautiful weather and permission to demo for 50 miles. Found a lot of dirt, fields with dirt roads, berms and some resiual flood damage sand. The T/A's were not the tire for sand but on I25 and all by ways the T/A's were great, btw. Suspension is a beautiful thing for this ride in all three modes. I ran "Sport" power and suspension was Sport (can't remeber all three settings, Sport Street Comfort)?

The power, 150bhp. Wheelies. The shift light that came on at 6500r's and a noticeably smooth 6 speed trans combined with the weight that seems to be no heavier than my 990 with Jesse's. The power, acceleration and torque is definitely v-twin KTM.

I know that the1190R is my choice and my $500 deposit says so. December delivery, according to the dealer, is forecast but not reliable to me.
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