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So I rode a BMW F800GS for 4 years. Built it up with panniers, rally seat, bar risers, knobbies etc, etc, etc, you guys all know the drill. Ultimately I got rid of it because an 800 cc parallel twin is just plain 'uninspiring' on the street. I live about 6 hours from Moab which puts me in a particular bind when it comes to bike choice. I can't stand the idea of trailering, and if I'm gonna cage it there, I have a built up Jeep that can get me nearly any where I want to go when I arrive, but if you have ever spent time in a jacked up soft top jeep on 35's, you can imagine a full day of highway...I picked up a WR250R a few years back and it is the perfect small dualsport. Plated, will do 80, real enough suspension for tight track, light, and Japanese reliability with street bike service intervals. But 6 hours on the highway is pretty deadly. Here's hoping the big Katoom I have on order will fill the gap. Fun for the 6 hours in between me and Moab (though highway, there is a fair share of twisty) and still fun when I get there.

Until KTM does a 750 high performance twin that can carry bags, it will just have to do.
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