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Indeed IMO it's a great bike to have fun in the dirt! I'm talking " alot of fun". Remember KTM is offering two models of this bike, your standard and the R for a reason.

Conti's are like Michelins Anake to me, they look great and are a great road tire but not so great in soup, sand or snow/slush. To me if it looks more like a road tire then it's a road tire.

I've been told that KTM 1190ADV is the offering of a bike that rivals the GS and the Duc. These to me are fantastic machines but they are much more street than the 990Adv. The 990Adv is more off-road than street.

The 1190ADV is best suited for that 80% road-running. The 19" vs 21" front wheel tells the story to me. Suspension that's "adjust on the fly" (R is not electronic adjustable) and three power settings to prevent you from doing damage to yourself or your investment. I can go a lot of places with it certainly, but I can go more places off-road with the R and do it better than the R will do on the street.

I'd like them both.
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