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Originally Posted by homerj View Post
Dave, not sure if you remember talking about this at the So Co Roadbook Ride, but the ability to add an entry to the roadbook portion of the program and manually enter the mileage would be handy esp after a pre run. It would allow the RB author to add a gate, or a wash out or whatever w.o having to find the precise spot on the track inside RN.
Originally Posted by DaveRMS View Post
He's talking between tulips. Say you have tulips at 10 and 12 miles. Then while pre-running you find a wash out (danger) at 11.35 miles. It can be difficult to add a new track handle at exactly 11.35 miles. Especially if the track has many trackpoints between the two waypoints.

I imagine that it's easier to type "11.35" and let the computer figure out where on the track that is.

I've been using RN almost every weekend and it is friggin fantastic. Thank you guys so much for putting this out there for us.

Has there been any movement on inserting tulips indepent of the track points in GE?

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