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Originally Posted by DurtKlod View Post
You should carry your spot on your person so that in the instance of a seperation and you can not crawl to your bike, you can still reach your spot. I also thought there was some kind of electrical interference with the spots that suggested they not be placed in near proximity to GPS units?
Thanks for your concern DirtKlod...
I have thought of pros/cons of this mounting for hours. Let me explain my thoughts. Keep in mind that the SPOT must have clear view of the sky to work. Not under me or lying on my side but straight up and must also be activated.
1. Main purpose of SPOT is to let my wife and others on well-being list is to "check in" every 30 minutes. I just push the checking in button and my location is sent to my list of receivers. My exact location shows up on their email. They have been instructed to be concerned if two 1/2 hour check in are missed. My Endurance has a clock and it is now a habit to check-in every hour & 1/2 hour.
2. If something happens and I'm down and can not reach the bike it is likely that I could not get the SPOT activated or facing upwards either, unconscious or whatever.
3. If I have made no contact within... say 2 hours. Assistance is sent to my last recorded location. Yes two hours would be a while to wait but it would likely be quicker assistance than most.
There were several other reasons but I'm tired of typing . This is the location I believe is of the most use to me. Read the SPOT thread as there are several reasons to have it on your person also. Just a personal preference I guess.
Yes I understand there has been some reports of electrical interference with GPS units. However, in the past two years and approximately 4000 miles of hard use. Also using three different GPS units and have never noticed any interference of sending "checking in" messages. I have been fortunate not to have needed any other SPOT signals.
I truly believe these are a great piece of equipment... as does my wife!
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