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Originally Posted by fasttortoise View Post
Hi David,

Just dropping you a line to wish you good luck and safe travels. That feeling of leaving the driveway and thinking "I'm really doing this!!" must have been exhilarating!

Keep posting so we can ride along with you.
Thanks buddy!

Actually the feeling was, 'damn that took a long time to load up, I hope I didn't forget anything and get better/faster at it. Oh, and don't crash in front of everyone! :)

But yes, exhilarating as well. I was singing in my helmet and dancing on the seat for the first few hours.

Today I only made it to Chattanooga. Partly because I was hungover from last night and got a late start (I'm pretty sure we cleaned Santa's out of PBRs), partly because it never got above 42 degrees (as low as 33 at one point!), and probably partly because I'm delaying the inevitable in Atlanta.

Regardless, I'll be there tomorrow. There will be a gap in 'ride reports' as I won't set off for the next part of the trip for about a month.

See everyone then!

~ D
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