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Position Wanted

I am just ending a 5-year run working for Berg Briggs at Back Roads Moto in Jackson, Wyoming, and I'm setting my sights on a new work situation that will land me in a great spot.

What's a "Great Spot" for Stovey?

You - A great person/organization as measured by your peers and customers. You have earned the respect of people in whatever industry you are in, motorcycle or otherwise. Your competitors respect you. Your neighbors respect you. Your employees respect you. You've earned it...

Me - I continue to work hard, and absolutely work smarter than I ever have in the past. I will earn your respect, during our correspondence, meet-up and continuing even more so after the courtship is over and the relationship continues. Since you won't be going out of business in the near future, our future is bright because I help us all make money and expand the horizons in the markets you are in.

For the past five years I have helped Berg Briggs at Back Roads Moto in various endeavors. I began by helping him build his rental properties as a way to earn money to get to go down to Baja on motorcycles, and that turned into part time work in his machine shop. I had no background whatsoever in this environment, but as time went on, I went full-time and became his only employee. We worked hard and together we had a good run at the motorcycle luggage system business. He was/is the designer and I have been a shop lackey. He taught me to weld and fabricate and we built and sold what came to be known as BRMoto Racks, then "Wolfman Sideracks." Now, it's a dead product and we are no longer making racks and selling them to Wolfman.

I also make and sell GPS Cradles and have a commercial thread on ADVRider in Vendors and have worked hard at supplying a small selection of hand-made plastic cradles for select Garmin GPS's and SPOT devices over the past 4 years. The thread is here:

It has been an honor for me to be able to make something that my peers enjoy and the support I've received has given me great job satisfaction, even though it is only a small "boutique" style operation and doesn't do much to pay big bills. But I keep doing it. The cradles have been all over the world on adventure bikes and cool expeditions from Prudhoe Bay to Ushuaia, Baja to Mongolia, Southeast Asia, Canada, Europe and all over North America. I thank all my customers, one and all for the encouragement, advice and support!

I like to ride across the desert and in the mountains and have my dream bike to ride, a 2010 KTM 450 XC-W Six Days with lots of love into it. Last year I self-published a modest book of compiled "Best Of" ride reports with black and white photos. Enough co-riders, peers and readers of some of my ride reports encouraged me to compile and publish them, so I did. I learned a lot over the nine months it took me and my wife to knock it out, and put it in the can. The book description and link to purchase it directly from the publisher is here:

My background, experience and interests collide to create some gravity for me in the customer service work that I truly enjoy, no matter what the industry. I am not a professional welder and fabricator, in my mind and in reality. I would like to stay involved in the motorcycle industry in some capacity, and hope to find a position that will let me flourish. I consider my co-workers "customers" deserving of my best attitude and service as well. That's just my take on how I like to roll in the work environment.

A resume and references are sure available, and with no children and no mortgage, I have the flexibility to travel and take temporary assignments that others may not be able to.

Here's a link to a recent ride we did in September, based out of Jackson, Wyoming and touring in southwest Montana:

There are numerous posts and ride reports on Ride Dual Sport Forums that I have made or contributed to as well, if that serves to background my character at all.

Thanks for considering Stovey for a position that challenges and rewards all concerned, either temporary or long term.

All the best,

Dave Jankowsky
Victor, Idaho
aka "Stovebolt"

Thanks to AngryScot for this thread.
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