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Originally Posted by Sniperx View Post
I was looking for another mention on the seal...I saw it once but couldn't find it again. Do you know the part number or BBY link? I've got a BMW dealer walking distance from the house if it comes to that.

Now I'm trying to wrap my head around this thing before I tear into it.

You take off the wheel, the shock, and the muffler. The slave cylinder goes around the output shaft and has a throwout bearing on the end.

Now for the clincher.

By just removing said parts, how do you get access to the slave? Shouldn't it be sandwiched between the transmission and the driveshaft? How does the slave come off the same "line" that powers the driveshaft? I'm sure its totally obvious when it comes apart, but coming from the automotive world, you shouldn't be able to change a throwout bearing without splitting the trans off or the driveline.
Not really like a car throw out bearing...simply bolted on back of tranny with a couple bolts...takes twenty minutes to swap...+/-
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