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I have a question on the XIED. Does it richen the mixture across all throttle settings? Just curios if it's possible to still run at stoich during steady state cruising for fuel economy, but have richer mixture at both low throttle, as well as when you get on it. Kind of like having an adjustable low speed jet, and an accelerator pump in carb terms? The device has certainly got my interest, now that you guys have educated me, on the limited functionality of the PCV, as compared to how it works on other bikes.

The way the XIED works, is that it plugs in between the stock O2 sensor and the BMSK. In doing so it " messages" the signal from the O2 sensor, in this case to make the BMSK think that it is lean, and to add fuel. The thing is that the change is done in Closed Loop. When is closed loop on the 8GS..... I have seen many answers from many smart people, but the answers are not consistent. The way I look at this, is that I can manipulate the AFR control in Closed Loop, and hope there is some adaptation in open look as well.

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